Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

Summer flies by, kids grow, and new adventures are about to start. Let’s celebrate the new freckles, warm sun, and beautiful evenings with the End of Summer Sessions. Now is your chance to take your last deep breath of the summer sky and capture your personal and/or family memories while your skin is still tan.



End of Summer Session includes:
- pre-consultation
- style & wardrobe consultation
- 1hr photo session
- signature reveal of session photos
- $100 print credit to use during the reveal
- gift with purchase
- limited summer products


$99 session fee is due before the photoshoot. The $99 session fee includes 60 min photoshoot, $100 print credit, and gift with purchase. Prints and digitals must be purchased separately. There’s no minimum purchase. You only buy what you love. Images start at $200 and go up from there. Packages start at $500 and go up from there. Some people may spend $200, some may spend $2000. It’s all up to you. You only purchase the photos you absolutely love!




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