Laura | Personal Branding

Last month, the lovely Laura came to me for a personal branding session. She created Tree by Water ... a space, online or in person, for pastors' wives and people in ministry to grow and heal. 

She has a new book coming out that I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on. These are some of our favorites from her session. Enjoy!

Hannah | Personal Branding & Family Session

Oh man, if I could sum this day with Hannah and her boys it would be AWESOME. Hannah is a life coach and mama and dedicated to helping you create your dream life. She is my life/business coach and she has helped me in so many ways.

I reached out to Hannah a couple months ago. I saw her name in my networking group and I shot her a message on Facebook, "I want to work with you! I love what you do!" From there, she booked a session and she became KWP's business coach. We started Hannah's session at Tempest Coffee Collective in Appleton (thank you for letting us photograph there) and then we headed to the beautiful high cliff for family photos. Her boys are ADORABLE! If you're figuring how this whole entrepreneur thing or balancing the mom life while running your business, Hannah is your girl.

Hair/Makeup: AJ with VAMP Artistry
Location: Tempest in Appleton, WI & High Cliff State Park

How to look your best in every photo! (Posing tips)

Let's be honest. We run away and hide when a camera comes out. We cover our faces, hide our bodies, or lock the doors.

What if I told you that I can help you look AMAZING in every photo of yourself? I'm not talking posed portrait photography like I offer to my clients. But in every photo...whether it's the quick iPhone photo at the work Christmas party or the selfie you long to share with the world. I can help you look your best in every photo!

Let's start with the basics.

1. Use your curves. Leave space around the hips.

2. Bring your chin forward.

3. Create separation between your limbs from your body.

4. Don't forget to show your smile and be yourself. You got this!